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Expert Home Improvement Advice for Your Walls and Roof

Home improvement is a tremendously important aspect for any homeowner not just to enhance the overall appearance of their homes but to also make sure that it is functional and that any kind of damage to the home whether visible or not is taken care of effectively.

Roofs, without a doubt, are the most important element for any home. It is something so indispensable for any home as it shields you from the wrath of the changing weather conditions and keeps you protected and snug like your very own cocoon.

The exterior walls of your home need careful attention as well. Beautifying them with fancy colors to match the latest trends is not enough; you need to make sure that while you pick the right colors for your exterior wall, you spend an additional few minutes trying to understand how you can paint your exterior walls in a way that they will last longer without compromising on its beauty.

Home Improvement Advice Part 1: Roofs

Roofs are important; there are no two ways about that. However, roofing is also an expensive affair. Therefore, it is important that you get it right the very first time and take the necessary efforts to make sure that its longevity is taken into consideration. Roofing is not something that you can afford to invest in every couple of years and therefore, the advice enlisted below will make sure that you increase its life span considerably.

Keep your roof clean by getting rid of leaves and moss:

Whilst leaves flailing about in the air and settling on your roof may seem harmless, these leaves will begin to decompose with the help of moisture. This can be the breeding ground for certain weeds as the decomposed leaves create a fertile surrounding for their growth.

Invest in a good quality rood leaf rake that is quite easily and affordably available if your roof is within reach. However, if your roof is way higher and the only way to clean it is by climbing atop it, then a leaf blower would be your best bet.

Moss build-up can work against you as it entraps water and this leads to the addition of moisture that can be bad for your roof. Removal of moss on early detection can be as easy as sweeping it off. However, a greater and prolonged build-up will need a lot more effort. Using a soap that is largely made up of potassium salts and fatty acids rub it over the moss to deaden it and then use water to take it off completely.

Keep the gutters clean:

A clogged gutter can not just damage your roof but also wreak havoc on the paint job and cause your basement to stay wet for longer durations.

When leaves get collected into the gutter space, the water that is already present inside the gutter decomposes the leaves which further advances into rotting of roof elements like the roof sheathings and the roof rafters. Once the damage has been done, it can be an expensive affair to get it repaired.

However, if you are on the alert and keep cleaning your gutters with every change in the season, then you can be guaranteed a healthy roof that is bound to last you for years on end.

Home Improvement Advice Part 2: Walls

While selecting the right color is crucial to ensure that your home emanates a personality that has your name written all over it, it is also important to do the job in the right manner. Some professional tips have been mentioned below.

Painting on bricks, cement, concrete, and other such hard materials:

If the first coat of paint needs to be applied on hard surfaces like these, it is crucial to first clean the surface with a hard brush to make sure that any kind of dust particles hidden in crevices and other nooks and crannies are positively cleared.

In case of white patches caused due to efflorescence, follow the same technique but wait for a couple of weeks to ensure that the development does not occur again as the moisture in the efflorescence will cause the paint to rot and peel off.

Use bleach to get rid of any kind of growth that resembles mold and other such structures and finish off the prep work for your walls by using fillers to fill up cracks and holes that may have appeared on the walls before you begin to paint said surface.

When painting on walls that are already covered in paint:

Before you begin painting over your exterior walls that were previously covered in oil paint, it is important to clean the walls with an excellent quality cleaning agent that is strong enough and fill up any holes and cracks before you begin.

For walls that have been coated with emulsion paint, you need to be a little subtler by making use of mild detergents for cleaning and washing the walls. Once it has completely dried naturally, you can begin painting.

Treating mold growth before painting:

Painting over a surface that is buzzing with mold growth can create painted surfaces that are less than impressive. Bituminous emulsion sealers can help treat the mold growth and once this emulsion has dried thoroughly, you can go ahead and paint the surface of the walls.

Home improvement is often looked at as an expensive affair that will lead to several loose strings on your purse. However, this stands true only when you have been negligent enough to not attend to the problems at their initial stages. Your roof and walls are the two most important components of your home that keep you sheltered and safe and therefore, it would be best to not take them for granted and instead constantly make an effort to keep them in good and healthy conditions.

Conducting home inspections once in a while is important to give you a clear understanding of what areas need to be addressed.