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At Gopher Roofing and Restoration Inc., we are focused on what matters most: protecting your investment. Owning and maintaining a commercial property comes with some unique challenges and potential problems if not handled properly. Basic maintenance will help protect your investment, and extend the life of your roof, by seeking to identify damage in its early stages.

Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine its current condition and identify any potential future problems. Early detection is the key to eliminating costly repairs and extensive damages to your structure or property.

Through regularly scheduled inspections, our company’s technicians can assist in detecting minor problems before they become serious. Stop unexpected leaks and surprise expenditures, regardless of who installed your roof with basic management. A roof is only as good as the care and maintenance you provide for it. Find out how a good maintenance program can help prolong the life of your structure by calling Gopher Roofing and Restoration Inc. for more information.

Here is why we are the top commercial roofing contractor service in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area:

Our commercial supervisors and specialists have extensive experience in the roofing industry with complete knowledge of all types of roofing systems including flat roof, TPO, EDPM, and more! Our supervisors continue their education on all aspects of roofing and the construction industry on a yearly basis.

Our sales consultants will assist you in any way they can. Their job is to make sure that your experience with Gopher Roofing & Restoration Inc. is a pleasant one. From letting you know when your job will start, to keeping in close contact with the building owner and project manager throughout your project. Gopher Roofing & Restoration Inc. prides itself on complete customer service and satisfaction. We want to earn your business. Contact us for an upgrade today!



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It’s difficult to know who to trust with your commercial roofing projects. You want to know if we can deliver quality work that’s done on time without hassle. Here are what our customers have to say about the quality of our service.