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Serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area

At Gopher Roofing & Restoration Inc, we provide premium roofing services for every client in the Twin Cities. We offer commercial roofing for organizations and businesses, and roofing maintenance services for any commercial roofs that needs touch up or light repair work done.

We specialize in roofing installation services in the Twin Cities area.

Even if you do not need a completely new roof installed, regular maintenance is the key

We have the expertise to make the process smooth for all staff and residents

We have experience working with townhouse and condominium associations

Our staff can design and install a brand new roof for your new building.

Products that help keep heating and cooling costs down in all climates and conditions.

Our staff can design and install a brand new roof for your new building.

The Best Equipment

We are equipped to handle roofing work for even the largest corporate clients

Insurance Support

Our staff works directly with your insurance company

Highly Trained & Professional

Our seasoned crew are well versed with all types of roofs, including foam and metal

25 Years Experience

Our decades of experience is why you'll get the best quality


We can do commercial roofing projects in all Minnesota municipalities

Quality Inspections

We spot problems before they become a major issue

Twin Cities Commercial Roofing Services

Gopher Roofing & Restoration Inc provides business owners with our reputation, experience, and knowledge for superior service, quality products and master craftsmanship which we support with our outstanding warranties. Each of our employees are experienced in their field of expertise.

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3147 NE California St, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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[email protected]

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(612) 331-7663